When thinking of contrived things in my life, the first thing that popped into my head was a girl I was interested in a while back. I know I talked a great deal about women in the last post, but when you go to ASU these things happen. Anyways, I met this girl in the dorms and we remained friends into my second year. Her room mate and one of my friends were dating at the time, and they learned of my interest in the girl. My friend, the fool that he is, tried to help move things forward. He instead made things awkward constantly. On top of that this girl was not the type to just laugh things off. She wouldn’t acknowledge the awkwardness, which made the ice even harder to break. In the end it didn’t amount to anything and afterwards I realized it felt so contrived the whole time, that of course it wasn’t gonna happen. Either way it was a learning experience to not allow dumb friends into my relationship business.

Also on the topic of contrived, Nicholas Cage’s acting in 90% of his movies.

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