If I was gonna be sent to a deserted island and had a suit case with which to fit my tools for survival in, I could be a castaway and have a blast doing it. Since were thinking realistically, I will restrict the suit case to the size of a carry on bag. Who likes to check their luggage? “Not I,” said the Evan. So, the suit case is about 1.5 by 3 feet, and about a foot thick. Well first I would put in a tarp. Something big enough for a one person tent, and durable but not too thick. Next i’ll throw in some hiking boots, handmade and tailor designed for my feet. They sell them at the Renaissance Festival and apparently they are pretty legitimate. I next I’d bring, well I was going to say hatchet, but if I’m assuming to be flying commercially I wouldn’t be able to take that on. So instead I would bring a large bundle of wire, and rope. With these I will make my tools on the island. I will then bring some Hanes® white T’s and Levi’s® jeans skinnies 511. Also a goose down jacket, and a wind breaker both North Face®. Next a 12 pack of Bic® lighters, as well as some lighter fluid. A flashlight that you charge by shaking. A roll of tin foil, to smelt into a knife later. A whetstone to sharpen that knife. One playboy, and one bottle of lotion. I also need a compass and a mirror to signal any passersby. Also a pair of night-vision goggles, so I can conquer the jungle beasts at their own game and become their king. I will also pack an aluminum water bottle, and so I keep my sanity a towel, hat, sunglasses, flip flops and speedo, a small bag of hemp seeds, as well as the Lord of the Rings books and drawing pad. Ill make my own charcoal. With these tools I will live like a king until a smoke monster kills me or I get myself rescued.

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