Deja vu is a curious thing. If you see it in the Matrix it means agents changed something. If it happens in real life you feel like you’re remembering a dream and creep your friends out as you stare blankly in amazement of your five second omniscience. Then you realize its deja vu, but when you tell them they’re never share your enthusiasm. Nostalgia is like deja vu on a lower scale, or like a baby deja vu. I get baby deja vu all the time while playing the new Elder Scrolls game Skyrim. It harkens back to a time when the X box 360 just came out and the best RPG around was Oblivion (the prequel.) Skyrim has everything you came to love about Oblivion, but more so. The graphics are sick, and the fighting is way better looking and feeling. If you’ve played Oblivion you know about those damn gates that pop up all over the map. Eventually they get super annoying. In Skyrim, there’s no gates, but there are dragons. These dragons basically fly around and while your walking alone might just choose to fuck your day up. If you kill them you get their soul with which you buy “Shouts” which are like super abilities that make your character even more badass. I just got it so thats about all I know so far. I also know that I will be getting deja vu of spending many an hour doing random BS in this game as I did in the previous one. See I tied it all back together there.

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