Suit Case

If I was gonna be sent to a deserted island and had a suit case with which to fit my tools for survival in, I could be a castaway and have a blast doing it. Since were thinking realistically, I will restrict the suit case to the size of a carry on bag. Who likes to check their luggage? “Not I,” said the Evan. So, the suit case is about 1.5 by 3 feet, and about a foot thick. Well first I would put in a tarp. Something big enough for a one person tent, and durable but not too thick. Next i’ll throw in some hiking boots, handmade and tailor designed for my feet. They sell them at the Renaissance Festival and apparently they are pretty legitimate. I next I’d bring, well I was going to say hatchet, but if I’m assuming to be flying commercially I wouldn’t be able to take that on. So instead I would bring a large bundle of wire, and rope. With these I will make my tools on the island. I will then bring some Hanes® white T’s and Levi’s® jeans skinnies 511. Also a goose down jacket, and a wind breaker both North Face®. Next a 12 pack of Bic® lighters, as well as some lighter fluid. A flashlight that you charge by shaking. A roll of tin foil, to smelt into a knife later. A whetstone to sharpen that knife. One playboy, and one bottle of lotion. I also need a compass and a mirror to signal any passersby. Also a pair of night-vision goggles, so I can conquer the jungle beasts at their own game and become their king. I will also pack an aluminum water bottle, and so I keep my sanity a towel, hat, sunglasses, flip flops and speedo, a small bag of hemp seeds, as well as the Lord of the Rings books and drawing pad. Ill make my own charcoal. With these tools I will live like a king until a smoke monster kills me or I get myself rescued.


When thinking of contrived things in my life, the first thing that popped into my head was a girl I was interested in a while back. I know I talked a great deal about women in the last post, but when you go to ASU these things happen. Anyways, I met this girl in the dorms and we remained friends into my second year. Her room mate and one of my friends were dating at the time, and they learned of my interest in the girl. My friend, the fool that he is, tried to help move things forward. He instead made things awkward constantly. On top of that this girl was not the type to just laugh things off. She wouldn’t acknowledge the awkwardness, which made the ice even harder to break. In the end it didn’t amount to anything and afterwards I realized it felt so contrived the whole time, that of course it wasn’t gonna happen. Either way it was a learning experience to not allow dumb friends into my relationship business.

Also on the topic of contrived, Nicholas Cage’s acting in 90% of his movies.

My Reinvention

Reinvention happens when one thing that has reached it maximum profitable use, and must be updated to perform its functions on a higher level. I have reached that point in my life where I have been reinvented. This last friday, the 16th of September, I turned 21 years old, and my metamorphosis into a man was complete. I have been reinvented to see the world from a whole new perspective now. Some things that were acceptable are no longer ok for me, as well as many new opportunities opening up.
First and foremost is my ability to drink openly and proudly at any drink selling establishment in the world. This means no more feelings of guilt or suspicion when I enjoy a drink, be it with friends family or strangers. If anything I am now entitled to drink for having to wait three years longer than every other country on Earth. I never have to worry about an officer asking if I am drunk so long as I am not driving. I never have to use a fake id again. I am all that is man.
The government is not the only ones who have recognized my reinvention. I have now crossed the line into being hit on by older women. There is now nothing that stands in my way from spending time with women of any age. I can go anywhere and do anything any other freedom loving American can do. On the other hand the door to freshman college girls is slightly closing, since they cannot come to bars with me. In this way you could say I’m a HD TV, and those girls are an analog TV, and the bars are HD channels. The analog TVs get some of the same shows, but it’s only a shadow of the crystal clear infinite HD channels of being 21. Im just glad my TV was reinvented to get those HD channels. Those girls will get reinvented soon enough and we can all watch the Super Bowl in HD together.